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The Organized Pen: Day 7 |Continue Your Writer’s Journey

This is Day 7 for Organizing YOUR Pen. You have a message just waiting to get out into the world. I want you to paint the world with YOUR words. Which means you need to set up in order to show up and allow the words to come out.

Writing isn’t about waiting for the perfect time or expecting the perfect words to come out preformed. They might, but more likely they’ll need you to polish them. To add some here and remove some there. They’ll need you to edit them. But you can’t edit what you haven’t written.

What do you need to set up in order to show up and give your words a space to exist in this world?

Let’s do a check in on what you’ve set up and see if there’s a tweak, a change, or a completely different setup to be made?


  • What helped make your writing a priority in your life this week?

  • What else do you need to ensure it stays a priority?


  • Did you identify where you do your best writing?

  • Is that space available to you now?

  • What do you need to make that kind of space available?


  • Do you have a safe place to store notes and ideas?

  • What’s your go-to tool for getting those ideas down?

  • Is it the same tool regardless of where you are when you get that brilliant idea?

  • Do you need another tool, or will you keep using your current tool?


  • Have you asked your biggest fan for support on your writing journey?

  • Have you made that list of External Supports?

  • What else do you need to build up the positive support and influence for your writing journey?


  • What achievement are you proudest of and what did you have to learn?

  • What’s your Cue to show up for your writing?


Again, “Yay, you!” for being on this journey. It is a journey. Your book is not the destination—you are. Your growth as you write is both the destination and the journey. A book, your book, is just a creative way of expressing your message.

Keep setting up to show up. Keep writing!

The Organized Pen newsletter is to remind you to show up for your journey and write. Each edition will cover one of the five areas with a rambling here or there.

Happy Writing!



TL;DR -- •	Evaluate what you’ve set up for your writing in the past week. •	Tweak what’s almost working.  •	Change what’s not working. •	Yay! to you for taking this journey.


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