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ISBN-10: 1987592794

ISBN-13: 978-1987592795

Quick Reference Guide to 31 Small Steps to Organize for Emergencies (and Disasters)

When you think of emergencies and disasters, you may picture hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or blizzards. This Quick Reference Guide is intended to help you be better prepared for those emergencies and disasters.But a disaster does not have to affect your whole community. A disaster is anything that overwhelms your resources. Sometimes things can happen just to you or your family. It can be as routine as your car needing repair, a water heater that floods your basement, or gremlins in the attic. These steps will also prepare you for those more immediate and personal emergencies.For those of you who want to cut to the chase and skip the background information, this Quick Reference Guide to 31 Small Steps to Organize for Emergencies (and Disasters) is for you. It’s the actions you need to take to be prepared for the next emergency, disaster, or zombie attack. I’ve kept the checklists and resources and left out the explanations, the reasons why, and further clarifications. This guide is the bare bones information you need.

About the Author:

On her journey to becoming an organizer, Shawndra tackled jobs as varied as bioterrorism preparedness planner for the Hawai’i State Department of Health on the Big Island, coordinated environmental and safety training on Johnston Atoll (approximately 850 miles southwest of Hawai’i), and handled health and safety issues for a year at the South Pole station, Antarctica, with temperatures ranging from a balmy -7°F to a chilling -112°F.

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