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31 Small Steps to Organize for Emergencies, 2nd Edition






31 Small Steps to Organize for Emergencies (and Disasters): Your Household Handbook to Emergency & Disaster Preparedness: Get Ready! (2nd Edition)

Is your smartphone ready to handle a disaster?  Will you remember to grab the important things if you need to evacuate?  Do you have a backup plan for your vital documents and data?

Organizing & Productivity Consultant, Shawndra Holmberg, CPO-CD, utilizes her past career as a Bioterrorism Preparedness Planner for the Hawaii District Health Office to make the tasks, choices, and activities easier to achieve so you will better prepared and ready for what life and nature throw at you.

In this comprehensive and updated version of 31 Small Steps to Organize for Emergencies (and Disasters) you will discover:

  • 31 easy steps you can take to get ready to handle colossal disasters and minor emergencies

  • How to prepare for your pet's safety during a disaster so they'll be there for you

  • Encouragement and support to take ONE action in each step so you can achieve your goal to be ready

  • Next Actions you can take when you have the emergency preparedness basics down

  • The key items to grab in an evacuation and how to remember to take them

  • The crucial supplies you'll need to shelter in place and stay safe

  • 10 downloadable lists, plans, and decals that you can implement immediately before a crisis

  • How to prepare for recovery -- because there will always be a recovery

You'll also get 13 additional reliable resources on food safety, water treatment, car kits, business plans, digital estate planning, sheltering in place, handling disaster-related stress, and more. (NOTE: These aren't required or necessary for you to take the 31 small steps to get ready, but Shawndra just couldn't help herself. Since this book is your handbook for preparedness, she wanted you to have this information at your fingertips if and when you need it.)

This book is for preppers, non-preppers, and those who don't know the term. This book is not intended to be a survival guide if life as we know it crumbles, but it can help preppers survive when "civilization" endures. This book is for those who:

  • Want to weather a winter storm that could take out the electricity for days or even weeks

  • Live near the coast and face hurricane season each year

  • Live in the tornado alley, the new one or the original one

  • Want to be prepared to evacuate in case of a house fire

  • Plan to increase readiness for an earthquake or pandemic

⚠ You'll Get Free Instant Access to a Free Companion Checklists, Plans and Other Downloads to Help you Organize for Emergencies (and Disasters).

It is possible to plan and prepare for larger emergencies, which means you'll be better prepared for the smaller disasters. If an emergency happens, your life will be affected, but you'll handle it better if you take these 31 Small Steps to Organize for Emergencies (and Disasters).

✓ Build resiliency

✓ Prepare your plans

✓ Create sustainability

✓ Conquer these 31 small steps

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About the Author:

On her journey to becoming an organizer, Shawndra tackled jobs as varied as bioterrorism preparedness planner for the Hawai’i State Department of Health on the Big Island, coordinated environmental and safety training on Johnston Atoll (approximately 850 miles southwest of Hawai’i), and handled health and safety issues for a year at the South Pole station, Antarctica, with temperatures ranging from a balmy -7°F to a chilling -112°F.

Authors's Note: The 2nd Edition, Kindle version, was previously published as Get Ready!: Your Household Handbook to Emergency & Disaster Preparedness

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