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Dhucks began as an idea in the summer of 2005. Sitting in the Barnes & Noble in Hilo, HI with five organizing books on my lap, I had an idea that I could take my love of organizing and turn it into a business.  


The next step was finding a name for my business. Organize This or Sort That didn't seem all that exciting or fun. Then my sister reminded me of the motto — get your ducks in a row. YES! Ducks! I love ducks!! I immediately searched for the .com website of ducks. Unfortunately, a bass fishing company had it. But the idea wouldn't die. And then... the next idea struck. By putting a silent "h" in, I created Dhucks, and my business had a name.  


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Shawndra Holmberg

Founder & Primary Instigator of Organization & Productivity

Shawndra Holmberg is your personal trainer for productivity, a mentor for your goals, and a motivational force for your creativity. She is an author, book coach, and primary instigator of productivity and organizing for writers, creatives, and dreamers. Shawndra believes in the power that an organized space, schedule, and life have on our creative spirit. She knows that there’s not one right way to get organized to achieve your dreams, and she’s trained to make your organization work for you.

Shawndra has written and published five books in her Small Steps series where she breaks complex concepts down into actionable steps for you to take. She’s also held the hands of numerous authors as she’s walked them through writing, publishing and marketing their books with her company HYH.

Shawndra has a been a member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals since 2005.

What dream are you reaching for? Let’s make it come true today. Email Shawndra to find out if she can be a motivational force for your creativity.

Shawndra considers herself a lousy tourist as she usually spends her vacations enjoying a good book (reading one or writing one) and drinking coffee on her lanai, deck, porch or sunroom.  That’s why she prefers to live and work in interesting locales.  She went to graduate school in Montana, worked on Johnston Island (~850 southwest of Hawai’i) for several years, spent a year at the South Pole, Antarctica, and then thawed out in Hawai'i. She is currently enjoying the people and scenery of Western Pennsylvania as she organizes and coaches writers and others who are reaching for their dreams.

Christchurch, NZ -  Sept 1996

THE ORGANIZED PEN - Tools & Strategies for your Writing Journey


Ready to make your writing dreams happen? Contact Dhucks!

Success! Your message is zipping through the webosphere and will land in my inbox within seconds. I on the other hand am working or relaxing. I will check my email at 10am/4pm (M-F) and respond.

Butler, PA

- and -

VIRTUALLY anywhere


On-site at your writing studio, home, or office if you're located in Western Pennsylvania or if I happen to be in your area for a speaking gig.

Off-site (virtually) via Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or other video technology throughout the universe. Seriously, if you're in outer space, I'd love to help you get organized!

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