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The Organized Pen: Day 2 | TIME

Welcome to Day 2 of The Organized Pen

Yesterday I asked:

• When will you write? Or think about writing? Or dream about what you might write?

We could talk more about finding the right time for you to write (and we will; but not now). We could talk about the minimum time you need to get into the flow of your words or the maximum time you can stay focused and productive (and we will; but not today).

I want to talk with you about grabbing time to make writing—YOUR writing—a priority in your life. It’s okay if you’re not ready to focus on your writing. It’s okay if you’d rather talk about writing your book someday. No, I take it back. It’s not okay if you’d rather talk about writing your book someday, when everything is easier, or when you have more money or more time. I want you to start now, not wait for someday.

If you often tell friends, family or complete strangers you want to write a book, then the advice I’ll give you is the same advice I gave my boyfriend: “So shut up and write!”

I know — harsh! But I got tired of him wishing to write a book. I really wanted him to write it. I wanted him to grab that computer by the keyboard and go for it!

By the way... he wrote his book and he married me, so the snarky advice helped. After all, I said it with love and kindness. I just really wanted him to take action on his dream, which is what I want for you. Together, he and I identified the things he needed to make the writing a priority and how I could help support him.

I also understand that sometimes “today” isn’t optimal for writing. However, you gave me your email address just for these tips and encouragement, so let’s jump into your dream and get it started.

I’m going to encourage you to find ways and grab opportunities to make your writing a priority in your life—whether it’s writing daily, twice a week, or one weekend a month. However, you define your writing plan, make it happen. Sometimes your first plan will work, but often life wants you to work for what you say you want.

Let’s grab this opportunity!

So... what will help you show up to write? What do you need to make your writing a priority in your life now?

Next up - creating SPACE for your writing.

TL;DR -- What do you need to make your writing a priority in your life now?

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