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The Organized Pen: Day 3 | SPACE

Welcome to Day 3 of The Organized Pen

Yesterday, it was about making your writing a priority. Today, let’s talk about what you want (or don’t want) in your writing space. I’m curious to find out what type of environment you prefer.

I would wish a wonderful private space for each of us, but that’s neither possible nor is it actually conducive to writing for everyone. What works for me might not work for you. What works for you probably won’t work for a friend. So let’s identify what works for you.

Do you prefer a quiet, calm space with Mozart playing in the background? Do you need general noise and bustle around you? Are coffee shops a great place for you to get those words down, or are they too distracting, even with your favorite music playing in your earbuds? Do you dream of a quiet weekend in a rustic retreat?

What works best for you?

I’ve heard of writers who write during their subway commutes. Entire first drafts written in 15- or 30-minute increments with the constant noise of people and rails. I’ve read about authors who write at their kitchen table late at night after everyone has gone to sleep.

What environment is most conducive to your writing?

What type of space do you need in order to write? What level of noise and activity keeps you focused? What type of music energizes your thoughts so you can get those ideas down into words on your favorite device (digital or paper)?

So… what will help you show up to write? What’s your writing space look like, sound like, feel like? What environment do you need?

Tomorrow, we’ll tackle information.


P.S. For many years, my writing space was me writing in a chair with a laptop on my lap. When I was home, that meant a cat on my lap, which made it awkward and ergonomically incorrect. But the cat was happy. When I was on a writing retreat, it meant me on the couch or in a chair with a laptop, sans cat.

Lately I’ve changed to using an iPad for my first draft because it’s smaller and lighter. It doesn’t take as much effort or space to set up. It’s also easier to get up and grab another cup of coffee. The cat is even happier with more room.

TL;DR -- Where do you do your best writing?


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