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The Organized Pen: Day 5 | EXTERNAL SUPPORT

In Day 1 of The Organized Pen, I asked who’s your biggest fan and suggested you thank them. We’re going to continue building that list of External Supports today.

I’d like you to take an inventory of things and people that support or have supported your writing journey (or any of your dreams or goals).

They may fall into other categories, but let’s get the inventory down on paper or digital.

  • What music or playlists get you into the writing or keep you going?

  • What things engage your senses to help you write? Smells, tastes, textures?

  • What visual images do you look at?

  • What classes have you taken?

  • What books have you read?

  • What quotes do you go back to?

  • Who do you discuss your ideas with?

  • Who’s the first person you tell?

  • Who encouraged you as a child? As a teenager?

  • Who encouraged you last week?

  • What authors do you enjoy? Not just on your topic, but on any topic?

  • What blogs and newsletters inspire you and your writing?

  • Do you have an accountability partner that helps keep you focused and moving forward?

  • Do you have a writers’ group or a fellow writer you share accountability with?

  • Have you been to a writers’ conference?

    • If yes, will you go again?

    • If no, have you considered going? Which one?

In future blogs, we’ll dive deeper into these. We’ll also address the external negative influences in our life. We have them, but we don’t want to let them affect our writing journey. One way to counteract the negative on our journey is to build up the positive support and influence.

I would love to hear about the supportive ideas and strategies you’ve listed.

So… take inventory of the people and things that support your dreams, goals, and journeys.

Happy Writing!

Next, we’ll look at your Internal Support.


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TL;DR --  •	Take inventory of the people and things that support your dreams, goals, and journeys.


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