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The Organized Pen: Day 1 | Welcome

Welcome to The Organized Pen!

I am excited to be joining your writing journey.

The Organized Pen covers five main areas that will affect you as a writer and a creative.

  • Time: ensure you take time to practice your craft and your passion

  • Space: create a better space and environment for your creativity

  • Information: handle the information that comes into your life

  • External Support: ask for what you need so you can write

  • Internal Support: develop a mindset that keeps you moving forward

I assume, since you're here, you have an interest in writing or something else creative and that you’re willing—at least today—to put some effort into doing it. Let’s not waste time. Let’s jump in...


A couple of quick questions since we’ll be going into detail on time next:

  • When will you write today? Or think about writing? Or dream about what you might write?

  • When will you write tomorrow?


  • Where will you write today?

  • Will it be the same place tomorrow?

  • What tools do you need?

  • Are they ready to go?

  • Do they need charging? Charge them!


We will get into this in more detail on capturing those brilliant ideas, but for now...

  • do you prefer paper or digital? Not what works for now, but what do you prefer? This preference might provide insight into why a tool, strategy, or system isn’t working.

  • What makes sense for you right now? I prefer paper, but digital makes more sense for me for most things right now.


  • Who is your biggest fan? Who is always excited about what you’re doing and cheers you on? Thank them today. Let them know how much their support means to you.


  • What achievement are you proudest of?

  • What skills did you have to learn?

  • How long did it take you to achieve it?

Please take time to get your answers to these questions down on paper or electronic because there are going to be times ahead when you’ll need a reminder about just how resilient and amazing you are. I bet that what you’re most proud of achieving took effort. You made the effort. You learned the skills you needed. You can do this, too!

Those are the five general areas I’ll cover in The Organized Pen.

So… can you set aside some time to start your writing journey today?

It could be writing (words on a page) or it could be dreaming of topics to write about. It could be setting up the space to write, asking a friend to celebrate each session (i.e. be your accountability partner), or it could be crafting your statement to remind yourself that your writing is important.

Woo-hoo! Let’s go! Next step is TIME and making your writing a priority.

TL;DR -- Evaluate what you’ve set up for your writing in the past week. -- Tweak what’s almost working.  -- Change what’s not working. -- Yay! to you for taking this journey.


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