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A Little Bit of Mindfulness

I love it when "the experts" tell me that a little bit is helpful.

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I've always encouraged my clients (and myself) to start by doing a little bit. It's so much easier than expecting you to take it on all at once. It could be organizing your garage, clearing off your desk, or learning to juggle your tasks (aka time management).

This time the experts are talking about meditation. What better time than the holiday season to carve out time for yourself. And it only takes 3 minutes!


from O, The Oprah Magazine, December 2008, p. 156 (Adapted from UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center)

  • In a quiet room, stand, sit upright, or lie on a cushioned surface.

  • Close your eyes and, for a minute or so, notice what's happening in your body. Do you feel any heaviness? Register any movements you might be making.

  • Breathe slowly and deeply for another minute. As you exhale, remember that you're not trying to change or do anything. Don't worry about the various thoughts drifting through your mind.

  • Listen to the sounds around you. Rather than trying to identify each one, just listen. Notice the silences between each sound. Again, take notice of how your body feels, and then slowly open your eyes.


If you don't feel you have even 3 minutes, take a couple of slow, deep breaths whenever you start feeling stressed and overwhelmed (or happy & thankful).

Take a break from your HAVE TO DO LIST this month. Do what makes you smile. If it doesn't make you smile, do it only if it is absolutely, positively, for certain, necessary.

Whether you can carve out 3 minutes, 20 minutes or hours of mindfulness this month, have fun and enjoy life! Happy Holidays!

Pleasure is always derived from something outside you, whereas joy arises from within. ~Eckhart Tolle


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