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Open Up to Spring

Even in Hawai'i, where the grass was green year round and there was always something in bloom, seasons changed and spring came. Okay, here in Pennsylvania, our grass still seems to be green year round (yes, even under several inches of snow).

Time to sweep out the old and stale. Allow the fresh to enter.

I enjoy spring because it reminds me it’s time for a new growth spurt. It’s time to move from the protective stance of conserving my energy in winter to the arms-spread-wide growth of spring.

Now’s the time to sweep out the old air and the stale energy to allow the fresh, new energized breath of spring to enter.

If you aren’t into spring cleaning, maybe start with a spring purge.

Pick one area that’s been nagging at you. You know the one. It reminds you, it haunts you, and you keep waving your hand to it and saying "yeah, yeah when I have time.”

Well, now is as good a time as any. Pick a day, an afternoon, an hour or even just the next 15 minutes and go through that area and let go of anything you don’t love and aren’t using. You don’t have to clear the whole area immediately, but if you can do a drawer or a shelf or even just a corner, then you win! You’ve opened the space and energy for your future.

Whether you clear one corner, clean the whole house or something in between, start opening up and embrace the fresh new energy of spring. Have more fun and enjoy your life!

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