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The 3 Keyboard Shortcuts You Need

Keyboard Shortcuts You Need

Use keyboard shortcuts to save time.

3 Keyboard Shortcuts You Need

ctrl + c (copy) [or Command-C for Mac]

ctrl + v (paste) [or Command-V for Mac]

ctrl + z (undo) [or Command-Z for Mac]

You probably copy & paste a lot. You may copy and paste text, a photo, or maybe even a table of data. Rather than moving the mouse to highlight the sentence and then moving the mouse up to the top and opening the right tab to click on "copy" you could choose what you want to copy then hit the ctrl key plus the c key (together, often indicated as ctrl+c) and you have it ready to paste. Just move your cursor to where you want the item and hit ctrl key plus the v key (ctrl+v) and you've pasted it in. Now most of the shortcuts make sense c for copy, but since ctrl+p is the shortcut for printing, someone chose ctrl+v for pasting. The most amazing shortcut that will save you hours of frustration is the "undo" command. Anytime you accidentally delete your work (or add things in places you don't want) just hit ctrl+z. You can keep hitting ctrl+z until your document or app has gone back to the last permanently saved spot. This applies on most platforms, so if you're unsure, try it. And as an extra ctrl+y will redo or repeat the last command. And for Mac users that would be Command-Y. If you want more shortcuts check out my keyboard shortcuts at For more hacks to save time typing:

  • Use Text Replacement on your iPhone for those phrases you type again and again (One more thing you didn't know your iPhone could do 😉)

Go to: Settings / General / Keyboards / Text Replacement

If you'd like to get personal help with learning keyboard shortcuts, setting up text expander app, or just using your computer more efficiently, contact me at to schedule a 15-minute free assessment to see if we'd make a good team.

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