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It's Fall — What's Your Writing Plan?

It's fall! 🍂

Okay maybe I'm not ready to celebrate the end of summer just yet, but it is time to craft a writing plan for the fall months.

The kids are back in school, the temperature here in Pennsylvania is already headed lower, the leaves have that autumn rustle, and the end of the year will come faster than I want it to.

What is your writing plan for September, October, and November?

If you were actively writing over the summer, what changes do you want to make heading into fall?

If you took the summer off or just lightened your expectations, when will you start writing again?

Think about the five main areas that will affect you as a writer. Determine what you need to achieve the writing you want to do this fall.


Ensure you take time to practice your craft and your passion.

  • When is the best time for you to write this fall?

  • How long do you want to write each time?

  • How structured do you prefer your writing sessions to be? Very structured (set time and days), casual (when you feel like it), or somewhere in between?


Create a better space and environment for your creativity.

  • Are there any changes you need to make to your space to entice you into writing?

  • What tools do you need?


Handle the information that comes into your life.

  • Is it time to clear the digital clutter?

  • Do you need to look through your ideas and pick one?

  • Do you need to go back and read what you wrote months ago so that you can pick it back up?

External Support

Ask for what you need so you can write.

  • Is it time to get back with your writing buddies?

  • Are you thinking of doing NaNoWriMo in November?

  • Do you need more support? What would that look like?

Internal Support

Develop a mindset that keeps you moving forward

  • Do you need more alone time or more social time?

  • Do you need more play time or do you need accountability to get the writing done?

  • Do you need to rebuild your writing ritual so can get into the write mindset more quickly.

Your Writing Plan

What do you need to add, remove, or change? What will you say YES! to and what will you say NO! to this fall?

So... what's your fall writing plan?


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author, Linda Hart

 TL;DR |   Don’t ignore your creativity—grow it!  Don’t wait to be inspired to write. Create a habit of writing!  Don’t wait to have hours to write. Grab smaller chunks of writing time!
TL;DR (To Long; Didn't Read) | Recap


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