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Set Your Summer Writing Plans

It’s almost SUMMER! What’s the plan for your writing journey over the summer? There’s no write or wrong. 😉

Look at your family, work, and life plans for the next several months. Add in your goals and intentions for your writing. Remember everything else you wanted to do this summer. Then come up with a realistic and workable schedule for your writing.

Summer Writing Plans

1. Will you write this summer?

2. What does your writing schedule look like?

  • Will you write more often or less?

  • Will you keep your same writing schedule or change it?

3. Will you add in a writing boost like a class or a retreat?

Support Framework needed to make it happen

Next, what structures, strategies, and support framework do you need to put in place to make your writing plan happen?

  • What do you need to happen in your day to keep writing a priority?

  • What needs to NOT happen in your day or week?

  • What tools and resources do you need to add or maintain?

  • Who can help?

    • Who can cheer you on?

    • Who can take over tasks and responsibilities to free up your time?

    • Who can help grow your writing skills?

    • Who can support you with accountability check-ins

    • Who can help just by listening?

  • Dhuck your responsibilities this summer:

    • What can you DUMP?

    • What can you DELEGATE?

    • What can you DIMINISH?

    • What can you DEFER?

    • So, you can DO the writing.

Summer Thinking Plans

Keep your book, blog, or article idea warm by thinking about it as you go through the summer even if you aren’t writing.

  • Keep capturing your ideas

  • Jot down client questions and stories

  • Stay connected with your writing support. Reach out to these individuals and groups and say “Hi!” at least once during the summer.

  • Set a date at the end of summer to restart your writing or to review your after summer writing plans.

  • Get some creative time in.

Here’s my short list for creative time with family

  • Paint by numbers. Since I’m still learning to draw, I thought I’d simplify and skip ahead to have more fun.

  • Museum and art expeditions.

  • Ceramic painting at Steele’s Brushes and Ceramics

  • Finish my mosaic table and start on the next mosaic project.

Plans for the unexpected in life

We all know that ‘life’ happens regardless of plans, preparations, and intentions. Plan for your What Ifs.

If your summer writing plans are disrupted, no worries. Set a date to review where you left off, re-evaluate your writing goal, and create a plan to get back to your writing.

So… what’s your summer writing plan?

Summer Editing Plans

Book Cover: Your First Draft is Complete, Now What?: Before you edit, check for these common errors (HYH Guide to Authorship)

If you're first draft is complete and you have plans to review and edit this summer, you'll need this book - Your First Draft is Complete, Now What?: Before you edit, check for these common errors


 TL;DR |  •	Set your summer writing intention.  •	Create your summer writing plan.  •	Add supportive framework to make your writing plan happen.  •	If you won't write, then create a summer thinking plan.   •	Plan for the unexpected in life.
TL;DR (To Long; Didn't Read) | Recap

disarray chaos, pandemonium, confusion, turmoil, disorder

~ Thesaurus of the Senses author, Linda Hart


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