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Writing Prompts

There are times I have scheduled my writing, yet my fingers sit on the keyboard waiting for the words to flow. Anticipating at least a trickle of words… Or please, “just give me the next five words… please!”

What do I do? Umm… Ahh… I’ll go refill my coffee and pray that inspiration will hit by the time I get back to my keyboard. Sometimes, I’ll switch projects hoping it will kick-start the ideas.

I also use writing prompts as warm-ups to get into the groove. Whether it’s journaling, writing my books and blogs (non-fiction), or practicing my craft (learning how to write fiction), prompts can get me started, provide new ideas and insights, or at least count as “writing time” on my tracking sheet. Here are some prompts I’ve tried and resources I’ve heard about. Some prompts are geared toward non-fiction, others for fiction, but all can get you started.

Prompts & Prompt Sources

So… do you have a favorite writing prompt? When do you use it?


 TL;DR |  When the words won’t flow, use a writing prompt. |	Find a source of writing prompts BEFORE you need them.
TL;DR (To Long; Didn't Read) | Recap

further, farther Use further when the meaning is additional or continue, as in The manager needs further education if she is to be promoted. Use farther when referring to concrete distance, as in The farther he traveled from Beijing, the more he needed his translator.

~ The Business Style Handbook by Helen Cunningham, Brenda Greene


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