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Appreciate What's Working

November is here and that means Thanksgiving, the beginning of the holiday season, a time for family and friends. But Thanksgiving is much more than just four days off from work and overeating. It's a time to be thankful; to recognize and to cherish the good things in your life. I would like to suggest that you start out this month by taking the time to appreciate what is already working in your life. Take a moment now and think about what is helping you stay organized.

Take time to appreciate what's working in your life

Come on, I know there must be some island - no matter how small - of organization and peace in the midst of your chaos. By focusing on what works for you, whether it's a habit, the right tool, a system, or even a way of thinking, you can find ways to apply it to other areas that could use it.

Minutes Matter - set a timer
  • Do your keys have an assigned home and do you habitually put them there?

  • Can you assign homes for other items?

  • Do you spend 5-10 minutes at the end of the day because you know Minutes Matter, clearing off your desk so that when you come back in the morning, you have a clean desk to start the day?

  • Can you apply that end-of-day maintenance to other spaces.

  • Did you create an Idea Box for all those paper ideas and opportunities?

  • Have you checked it this month?

  • Have you put up the kitchen appliances that you don't use very often and made room for the things that you use every day?

  • Can you free up space in other rooms?

  • Have you put some fun into your de-cluttering (music, rewards, or making it a game)?

  • What other tasks need some incentive and motivational support?

  • What is your oasis of organization?

  • Can you apply it to other spots?

Take time this month to look at what is working for you. Appreciate those areas. Apply what has brought you success in one area to the other areas. Then add a pinch of fun and enjoy life. Remember: The goal in life is not to do more work, but to enjoy the work you do.


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