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Unlock Your Writing Motivation

Deadlines can be great motivational tools… until they aren’t. Having the deadline to get this newsletter into your hands every two weeks has helped me edition after edition. But this time the deadline loomed, and I struggled with what to write.

The Excuse

I began to write about an annual ritual, writing prompt, planning exercise, and life evaluation tool I’ve participated in for several years—10Q. Ten questions over ten days to reflect, react, and renew. And then I got in my own way.

I wanted to explain that these questions are sent over the ten days of the Jewish High Holidays starting with Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and culminating in Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). Five questions looking back and five looking forward. Ten days, ten questions, ten writing prompts. Do you 10Q?

I wanted to explain that you didn’t have to be Jewish to use the questions to reflect on your year and come away renewed.

But I got stuck. I got busy. I focused on other things. The writing was shut down. My writing motivation was wandering around somewhere, but nowhere near me. Nothing moved until two days before my newsletter was due.

The Idea

I was talking with a prospective client about her idea for a book. However, she couldn’t write with pen and paper, nor could she type much anymore. Her hands weren’t working well enough. She didn’t have a computer. She had an iPad, though.

She had challenges and she wanted to try this book thing. You know, write a book, share your message, help others who are struggling.

We discussed using an app to dictate her writing. She’d be able to get her ideas down hands-free. The editing would come after that. With the help of friends and family and an online editor, she felt her hands were up to the editing.

And just like that, I got my motivation back for my next blog. I could evaluate using word processor apps on an iPad to dictate your writing. It was a win-win-win situation. I could help her decide which app to use and how to use it, at no cost to her. I could record the apps in action and get more videos posted for my ‘100 video’ goal. I could dive back into writing my newsletter for you.

Video editing, blog writing, and life had their own timeline this week, which is why I’m late in getting this newsletter to you. But it’s never too late to get the writing started, developed, and done.

The Writing Motivation

I needed three things to get me writing this time.

1) Is 100 too much?

2) Is 100 too little?

3) Is 100 just right?

The answer to all three questions is YES! I’ll explain more next time 😉

There’s one other thing to add to the list which keeps me writing… YOU! Thanks for reading!!!

So... what do you need to keep your motivation to write alive?

Resource Roundup:


adept deft, skillful, agile, savvy, nimble, dexterous, masterful

~ Thesaurus of the Senses author, Linda Hart

 TL;DR |   Use that list to get back to writing when you’re stuck!   |  Create a list of things, people, and situations that helps support, grow, jump start, or initiate your motivation.   |  Keep that list handy.
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