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Know What You Want & No What You Don't Want

woman cringing with a cup labeled stress - post quote " NO what you don't want"

It is important to know what you want and "no" what you don't want.

Before you commit to yet another responsibility, task, or project, know what you want and ask yourself:

  • Does this support my current priority (my ONE Thing)?

  • Does this support my goals?

  • Do I want to do it?

  • Do I have time to do it in addition to the other things I've committed to?

  • Do I want to let go of something else to make room for this?

If the answers aren't "YES", then say "no" to it.

Here are some ways to say "no":

  • That sounds very interesting, but I'm not taking on anything more at the moment.

  • If you can take over XYZ, then I could...

  • Sorry, my schedule is full at the moment.

  • Thanks for thinking of me, but I can't take it on this year, maybe next year.

  • Let me check my schedule and get back to you.

  • Send me an email reminder and I'll check my schedule.

  • Sorry, I have something else planned.

  • Sorry, I can't.

  • At the moment, I can't take on more commitments.

  • No, but thank you for thinking of me.

  • No thanks.

  • No.

Nice people say no. Important people say no. You are both nice & important. Say "yes" to you and "no" to more things to do.

Routinely evaluate your commitments. Last year, it may have been a YES but things may have changed; you're responsibilities may have changed; your interests may have changed; and this year you may want to say "no" to it.

Are you ready to take a stand, make choices, and decide to keep only the great opportunities and commitments in your life? Check out Don't settle for good, go for GREAT!


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