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Use Gateway Tasks to Get Started

One strategy for building your energy to match what you need for work on a primary goal task is to start with a warm-up task. I call this a gateway task, because it leads to the primary task.

I use gateway tasks almost every morning to get my brain warmed-up and ready to take on my priorities.

Gateway tasks are useful tasks, they just may not be priority tasks. Gateway tasks should take only a short time, 15-30 minutes, to complete so you can move to your primary goal. Okay, so there are some mornings that may take a bit longer to get the brain and energy going, but the intention is always to move onto the primary task.

I don't recommend social media or email time as gateway tasks. Too easy for you to waste time and loose your focus.

Identify your Gateway Tasks - background photo of a bridge

What Gateway Tasks will you deploy?

If you want a partner in identifying the gateway tasks that work for you, contact Shawndra.

Rather than focusing on improving your time management consider managing your energy. Read You have the Time, but do you have the Energy?.


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