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The Cost of Clutter in Your Closet

the cost of clutter in your closet

Are you feeling stuck, wedged in, or a bit worse for wear?

Maybe your clothes need a bit more space in your closet. After all, your closet reflects your thoughts, beliefs, hopes, dreams and opinions of yourself.

Have you kept a pair of pants because someday, maybe, they'll fit? Is there a shirt you continually push aside because it just doesn't feel right? Do you have a jacket lurking in your closet that doesn't go with anything else you own, but you paid good money for it, so you keep it? Come on, be honest. I know I have.

Letting them go can seem difficult, but there's a high cost for keeping those items cluttering up your closet (and drawers, as well as under the bed and in the corners). Let's look at the cost of clutter in your closet.


Those clothes, unused and unloved, are taking up prime real estate. You could have space to see what you own, space to see what might inspire your self-confidence today, space to enjoy the colors and textures you enjoy. Space in your closet is visually appealing which is why you've dreamed of having one of those magazine-perfect closets someday.


Decluttering your closet (and any place else you have clothes) allows you to see what you have with just a glance. No buying another pair of black slacks because you can't find the other three pairs you have. A closet with space keeps your clothing clean and in good repair, no damage from twisting, snagging or tearing.


If you had an extra 20 minutes a day, what would you do with it? Would you want to spend it curled up with a good book? Chatting with a friend? Or would you rather spend it trying on a third outfit to find something decent to wear? If everything in your closet fit and you loved how it felt on, you could easily save 20 minutes a day to enjoy and spend it just on you.


A closet filled with clothes that don't fit, clothes that don't feel right, and clothes that remind you of wasted opportunities, carries the highest price tag of all. Your closet can suck your energy away even before your day has begun. Or your closet can support, encourage and energize you from the start. Your closet can set your mood and your attitude for the day.

As you go through the next month, evaluate each item you pick up (not wear, but pick up). Here are three questions to ask yourself?

  • Do I love wearing this?

  • Would I buy this today?

  • When did I wear this last?

If the answers are "YES!", "YES!", and you can recall the last time your wore the item, then keep it.

If the answers are "no", you can't remember the last time you wore it, or the tags are still there months later, then let it go.

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