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Don't Let the Year Get Away from You

Time - Effort - Resources to make your goals happen

Don't let the year pass you by, leaving you to ask yourself "where did the time go?"

Now is the perfect time to check back with your goals, dreams, and hopes for the year. Pick one you will devote time, effort, and resources to achieving in the next four months.

You spend the first several months of the year (or at least I do) focusing on planning your goals and taking action. Then the newness of the year wears off, life continues to throw new opportunities and challenges in your path, and soon summer is starting. Whether you have kids or just remember being a kid, summer seems to redirect your attention to taking a break from the routine. This is good. And now, having hopefully relaxed, renewed, and refreshed, now is the perfect time to review what you want from your year. Look at what you thought you wanted in January and evaluate if that goal, dream, or wish still fits your life. Then identify what you need to move closer to fulfillment of it. How much time do you need to work on the next step to achieving your goal? Where can you free up time from less important tasks? I understand that you don't have excess time lying around that you can use, so look at where you're time is going. Determine which task, activity, or goal is more important to you. I'm sure there's some screen time you can free up to take action on your dream. How much effort will it take to move your project forward? Effort is more than just time and action on the steps to achieving your goal. It's also the motivation to keep going. It's a willingness to learn new skills and try again. It's thinking about the next step you'll take and committing to a date and time to do it. It's envisioning the finish line and visualizing yourself taking each step along the way to get there. What resources do you need? Think about what would make the journey to your goal or dream easier. You may have immediately thought of "money" as the main resource, but expand your thoughts to include "who" can help make the journey smoother. Do you need help to open up time in your day? Do you need something done? Or maybe, you need to learn new skills. Who can teach you those skills? Take time now, to identify ONE goal, dream, or desire that you want to move forward on this year. Grab the time, make the effort, and gather the resources you need to achieve more of what you want. Don't let the year pass you by. P.S. If you're not relaxed, renewed, and refreshed then meditation, exercise, or other self-care activity may be just the goal to focus on.

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