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6 Stages of Getting Organized

The kids are back in school this week (or soon to be). Even if you don’t have kids in school, you may think in terms of summer vacation, back-to-school (with all the cool school supplies), and then the holidays. You probably have an organizing project you meant to do this summer, or planned to do once the kids went back, or before the holiday season starts, or even a project you had planned to finish last year (or maybe the year before that). Before you jump into that project, let’s make sure you have set yourself up for success and completion. You can do this by reviewing the Six Stages of Getting Organized.

These six stages apply to most any organizing project, whether you’re clearing that spare storage room (aka guest bedroom) to create an office, or decluttering the living room, organizing the kitchen shelves, cleaning out the garage, or tackling that pile of papers. Stage 1: Clarify what you want. Determine what your desired outcome is. Define what's good enough. Read more about the questions to ask in this stage. Stage 2: Let Go of what doesn't work for you. Read more about the strategies to use and more questions to ask to help you let go. Stage 3: Sort like with like and then let go of more. Read more. Stage 4: Organize in zones to improve access & create space. Read more about how to create zones. Stage 5: Maintain the systems you create or don't create them. Read more to decide what and how you're willing to maintain your organization. Stage 6: Prevent it from coming in. Read about the questions to ask before letting it in the door.


If you want help to get your project done, consider an accountability partner — me! For a small fee (encouragement to keep the appointment) we'll connect over Skype, Facetime, or video conference line while you work on your paper piles, closet clearing, or any other project you've decided you want to complete this year. I even have clients who schedule these sessions for writing. I'm there to answer questions if you get stuck, ask questions to CLARIFY your project, and keep you focused on your task. You're there to LET GO, SORT, ORGANIZE, and MAINTAIN. For more information about scheduling an accountability session refer to my Paperwork Party session.

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