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My 5 Favorite Small Steps to Take During a Change

Are you in the middle of change? The change may involve changing jobs, relationships, homes, cities, health challenges, or just changing attitudes and goals. Some changes are exciting, some are scary. Changes can be both positive and stressful or just stressful. I always see change as an opportunity to look at my life from a different angle (whether I'm ready to or not). Sometimes we may feel that the change is happening to us and we have no control over it. But we do have control over how we respond. We can take charge of our transition to the new or we can dig in and refuse to accept the change and stay stuck.

I say embrace the opportunity and here are my five favorite small steps that I take during changes. These steps are from my book 31 Small Steps to Organize Your Life

#1. Play friends, acquaintances, strangers* -- For some items like T-shirts or coffee mugs (or whatever you have a tendency to accumulate), it's easier to let go of some when you've identified which are friends (you want them in your life -- keep them), which are strangers (no attachment-- let them go) and which are acquaintances (nice to know but not willing to spend a lot of time with -- let go half and keep half). [Step 2]

#2. Keep what supports you -- Keep only items and mementos that have happy memories attached t them. Let the rest go. [Step 6]

#3. Let go of the past -- Let go of the books that have been in your to-read stack for more than five years. You know what I'm talking about. [Step 10]

#4. Shop your closet -- Start clearing your closet by grabbing an outfit that you haven't worn in a while yet haven't been able to let it go. Shop Your Closet. Ask yourself "would I buy it today?" If you wouldn't but it today, then let it go. [Step 17]

#5. Diminish it -- Not everything has to be done to the best possible extent. Some things just aren't that important to spend all your time on. Ask yourself 'what's good enough to get the job done?' [Step 29]

Are you experiencing change? What small steps will you take to make the transition?

* Used with the kind permission of Judith Kolberg, from her book Conquering Chronic Disorganization.

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