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4 Rules to Organize (and Live) By

Make it simple and easy. When you organize an area, ask "how easy will it be to maintain?" If putting something back in its place takes more than a few seconds, then it probably won't get done. Keep it simple.

Make it fun. Add color and texture to your organizing tools or turn on some music that will get you moving while you're working. If it's fun, it could get done.

Make it work for YOU. Just because a tool or a system works perfectly for someone else doesn't mean it's a perfect fit for you. Make it fit your needs and your way of doing things. Make it yours.

Ask the ultimate question: What am I trying to accomplish? (Better known as: why in the world am I doing this?) Throughout your project or even your day, remind yourself of the problem you're trying to solve, the objective you're trying to reach. Often I find I get carried away with ideas and possible fixes — and the problem never gets solved (or I've violated the first rule of keeping it simple). Keep reminding yourself of the WHY.

Whether you take these rules as your own, make your own rules (remember rule #3) or refuse to play by any rules, make sure you have some fun and enjoy life.

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