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It's time to start again

2017 was a bit of a wild ride for me. You may have noticed that I missed a month here and there and wasn't consistent at any time. I wandered off my path repeatedly, or rather, the path disappeared and I was trying to break trail through brambles and swamps, over and over again. Questions abounded.

Did I continue with Dhucks? Did I focus on building my book coaching business (HYH)? Did I throw it all in and get back to a '9to5 job' (my term for a consistent paycheck)?

Even more important questions came up of how I could spark hope and acceptance in the world around me. Or was it worth even trying?

But I made it through. We made it through 2017.

I spent the last 6 months working on my next book, 31 Small Steps to Organize for Emergencies, and over time clarity, focus, and direction rose to the top. Yes, Dhucks will continue, as will my Tips & Tricks (this blog). I start to write that the focus of the Tips & Tricks will be different. But the focus on encouraging you to make changes in your space and schedule to support your goals has always been there. So, maybe the only thing that changes for 2018 is an increased consistency and simplicity. Tips & Tricks will be sent out the last Sunday of the month. As for walking my talk — focusing on the priorities — my own organizing efforts will revolve around making my books a priority. I could go on and on about each goal and interest and dream in my life, but I'll end with these two questions for you...

What's ONE thing you want to create or achieve in 2018? What will you do to make it a PRIORITY?

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