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3 Powerful Questions to Reach Your Goal

I read The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan for a book club last year and I've been applying it to my life and sharing it with clients ever since. The main point is to ask: "What's the ONE Thing I can do this week such that by doing it everything else would be easier or unnecessary?"

You probably have multiple interests which seem to pull you one way and then tug you in another direction. But there probably is ONE dream, ONE idea, ONE deep desire you really wish you could achieve, but because you're energy and attention is going in all directions, you never see progress.

First, identify your ONE Thing, you will then have to make choices on the rest of your daily tasks and distractions.

Use these three questions to clear the space on your schedule, in your day, and on your to-do list for what matters most - your ONE Thing. Each question will ask you to think of three things you could do. This isn't about have to or should, but completely about can you and are you willing to. I then intentionally ask you to focus on only one because it will probably be a habit you'll have to break or build or modify.

Use these three powerful questions to reach for your ONE goal.

What three things could you STOP doing to make room for your ONE Thing?

For example, you could...

  • Stop checking emails (or Facebook) after 5 pm.

  • Stop saying 'yes' to more volunteer projects.

  • Stop checking emails (or Pinterest) on your phone.

What's on your list to STOP?

Which one will you try?

What three things could you DO to support your ONE Thing?

For example, you could...

  • Walk each morning before you start your ONE Thing.

  • Say 'no' to distractions and interruptions for the next four hours (or one hour).

  • Schedule a day of play each week with friends or family. No work or email. No screen time; make it face-to-face time.

What's on your list to DO?

Which one will you try?

What three things could you DO differently to boost your ability to stay focused on the ONE Thing?

For example, you could...

  • Check Facebook AFTER you've spent time on your ONE Thing.

  • Ask others to help instead of taking on all the chores yourself.

  • Schedule your self-care appointments first instead of fitting them in last.

What's on your list to DO differently?

Which one will you try?

Keep in mind that getting organized is NOT your ONE Thing. Practicing your organizational skills, creating a space you enjoy, or clearing the clutter from your life and schedule are only tools you use to focus on your ONE Thing. Keep asking these three powerful questions to reach your goal.

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