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Don't settle for good, go for GREAT! time management

rocks balancing over a clock - live a balanced life by choosing GREAT over just good

We talk about Time Management, but in reality, it is task management, priority management, and most of all choice management.

I see the challenges my clients, my friends, my fellow business owners, and, yes, even I, face each day - decisions, choices, and worries about letting opportunities slip through our fingers.

It's been ingrained that we can have it all, that we should do more, and that it only takes a minute, but...

we can't have it all at the same time,

more is not better, and

most things take longer than we want them to.

It may be time for you to embrace minimalism, essentialism, or whatever term makes you excited about focusing your time, energy, and passion on your purpose. Concentrate on a few great opportunities instead of spreading yourself so thin that you don't get anything accomplished and you forget how to enjoy your journey.

Whether I'm working with clients or settling down to focus on my life, the first step is to identify goals, dreams and priorities.

  • What's your dream?

  • What's your inner purpose?

  • What do you value?

Next, evaluate your tasks and to-dos. Which ones support your goals and will achieve your purpose? The questions I've always asked are:

  • Will it grow your business?

  • Do you love doing it?

  • Is it necessary

  • Does it spark joy?

Now thanks to another book (Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less), I've added yet another question that I've been asking about EVERY task, commitment, and opportunity:

  • Is this a GREAT opportunity or just a good one?

I've committed to adding only GREAT opportunities from here on and letting go of everything less than great over the next year or so.

Are you ready to take a stand, make choices, and decide to keep only the great opportunities and commitments in your life?

snowy mountain peaks with a quote from Gary Zukav. "We cannot stop the winter or the summer from coming...but we can choose what we will contribute to live when each arrives."

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