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What's Your Next Step?

Is there an item on your to-do list that never seems to get checked off because you don't know where to start? Do you have a project you can't seem to complete because you're overwhelmed by everything you have to do?

What's the NEXT STEP?

Begin by identifying your next step. Make it small; make it manageable; and make it easy. Don't worry about the step after that or the one after that; just focus on the immediate next step.

I use my next step card as a tool when I'm stuck, when I'm tired, and when I'm afraid. I also use it routinely with my clients to help get them moving forward by identifying the smallest, most manageable step they can take. I don't ask them what's the biggest step they can take but the smallest. Focusing on the smallest step decreases the resistance to taking action.

If you focus on the smallest action you can do next, you're moving the project forward; you're moving your mind forward; and before you know it, you're making progress. Of course the overwhelm returns, but when that happens, take a deep breath, identify the next step and go on. So...

What project or task have you been putting off?

What's your next step?

No matter how small that next step is, pat yourself on the back for doing it, have some fun and enjoy life.

Quote - change starts when someone sees the next step by William Drayton


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