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Building a PIC (Personal Information Center) notebook will make it easier for you to collect all the important information on your family, home, finances, and medical in one place, so that in an emergency or even during a routine move, you can take Your PIC and go. You can use it to keep the bill paying organized and will be a resource if the primary bill payer needs someone else to take care of the finances.


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This notebook can either start as a hard copy (paper) notebook or an electronic file. You may create both eventually but start with the format you feel will be easiest for you.


These section checklists (PIC Documents to Include) will guide you on which documents to include in each section. The tabs include Bank Accounts, Bills, Credit Cards, Insurance, Investments, Medical, Pets, Property, Safe-Deposit Box, Wills & Directives, and others that you determine.


Step #11: Personal Information Center (PIC) Documents

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