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This book is not intended to be a survival guide if life as we know it crumbles. This book is for those who understand that emergencies and disasters can happen to individuals, families, communities, and geographical regions and want to be ready to handle them better. A winter storm can take out your electricity for days or even weeks. A hurricane may threaten your city and you have to shelter in place or choose to evacuate until it passes. A tornado carves a path of devastation and utilities are disrupted, you’re fine but you have no electricity or water. There’s a fire in your building and you have to evacuate with the basic necessities. A tree crashes down on your house and you have to find other accommodations until repairs are made. Or you’re stuck in your car on the highway due to a major accident ahead.

You will be planning and preparing for large emergencies which
means you’ll be better prepared for the smaller emergencies. Your life will be
affected, change will happen, and you’ll handle it better if you take these 31
Small Steps to Organize for Emergencies. 

31 Small Steps to Organize for Emergencies (and Disasters

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