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Dhucks Documents = Dhuckuments


Write the smallest, most manageable step on the card. Post it where you'll see it. Then do it.


One step per card only.


If you finish this Next Step and are still feeling stuck, identify another NEXT STEP to take. Keep identifying small, manageable steps until you finish the task or project.

The Great Closet Clean Out

These questions are intended to help clarify what you want from your closet and your clothes, so answer these clarifying questions and keep them with you as you go through your closet.  They will help support and guide your decisions.

Getting Real About Time

Take out the trash takes up as much space on your to-do list as does Write the introduction for book, but the time each task will take is different.  Estimating the time it will take you to complete a task or project is important so you can your priorities.

The ART of Time Management

The tools, skills, habits, and dhuckuments you might need to craft your personal time management system.

Daily Time Tracking Sheet

SEE where you’re spending your time. 

Directions: Fill in as best as you can.

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