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Don't let the saber-tooth Tax Prep eat you!

 — schedule your paper hunting party today —

 aka Paperwork Party™

Safe from saber-tooth Tax Prep with...

Safe from saber-tooth Tax Prep with...

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Forget willpower, use accountability power. And your I'm-not-alone power to get your taxes done on time (if not earlier).

The first step to tax prep is starting to round up your receipts, statements, and routine expenses.  Too often we put off gathering that data because we think it's going to take FOREVER... But it takes less time than you dread. Sure it will take more time than anybody wants to spend, but it won't take FOREVER. Trust me on this, I know.

Commit to just eight hours with me and you'll find that it's easier, quicker and a tad more enjoyable than you dread.  I won't say it's actually fun (only tax accountants and bookkeepers look forward to paperwork), but it will be the most fun you've had getting your taxes ready.

You don't have to dread the paperwork any longer. 
Let's handle it together with a Paperwork Party™

DURING every two-hour Paperwork Party™ you will:

  • Take Action on your papers

Sort / File / Archive / Shred / Toss / Do / Delegate / Schedule

  • Ask questions as you go. There are two reasons joining a virtual Paperwork Party™ helps you:

  1. you’re not the only one – each of us is working on tax preparation, mail processing, receipt entry, business bookkeeping, email clearing, electronic file organizing or getting a handle on our information, and we’re doing it together;

  2.  you have a question, you’ve got me, a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization (CPO-CD), to ask immediately. No pushing the item aside to decide later. Help is here now – ASK.

  •  Finish up for the day. You may need more time getting your paperwork under control, but these two hours will give you the support and encouragement you need to keep going.


  • Establish your Next Steps for paperwork freedom. Will you join us for another Paperwork Party™? Will you work on your paper 15 minutes every day? Will you finish that box or this pile?


  • Celebrate. Pack up, clear up, finish up, and pat yourself on the back for getting closer to your paperwork freedom goal.


Schedule a Personal Paperwork Party™:




  • Weekday - $140 for four sessions

  • Saturday - $180 for four sessions

  • Sunday - $220 for four sessions

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