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Holiday Gifts - Give Memories

We all love to give holiday gifts as well as receive them. This year, rather than give your friends and loved ones something to hold (and dust and move and store), why not give them memories instead?

Give a gift of your time

Have lunch, go for a hike, or take a class together. Talk about the fun times you've had and the fun times you will have. Ask about their dreams and hopes for this next year.

Give a donation in someone's name

You could adopt an animal at your local zoo or give to the humane society in your friend's name. Donate to your local food bank or give a gift to a child in need. Give to an organization that has helped a loved one get through tough times.

Give a gift of memories

Steve and I invited both our families to share our first Christmas in Hawaii. Because there was nothing we needed, we asked each family member to give us a Christmas ornament instead. That Christmas, we got memories we hang on the tree every year. I also took pictures of each ornament and its giver, then created photo albums we gave back to our families the following Christmas. Now they can share the memories, too.

So, whether you use one of these ideas or create other ways to give wonderful memories this holiday season, make sure you have fun and enjoy life.

Wishing you

all the best of the season.

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