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3 Thoughts to Take into the New Year

chain of paper dolls with title "3 thoughts to take into the new year"

#1. Practice Acceptance

I had plans to get my new Dhucks' website up and running by January 1st, but I've been focusing on editing my book and creating an online course to go with it. I had "expected" that I could transfer my blogs, wrestle with technology, be creative, achieve perfection, and enjoy the holidays. Hmm, you see where I'm going with this, don't you? Not only is my website not ready to be published, neither is my book or my online course. BUT, all of those things are much closer to being ready. I've had to learn to accept that: some things don't need to be perfect (identify what's good enough); some things do need time to be their best; some days my best is not the best I'm capable of, only the best I can do in the moment; and play is as important as work.

What lesson of ACCEPTANCE did 2016 offer you?

#2. Play at Practicing

#1 Practice Acceptance || #2 Play at Practicing || #3 Stop Over-Promising

I've been talking about doing some videos for the last several years. It was a goal in 2014, in 2015 and again in 2016. I've taken webinars about it; I've purchased microphones and software; I've dreamed about different content that I wanted to shoot; I've dabbled with a video now and then; and I've wasted hours, days and weeks procrastinating. With a push from a friend, I tried Facebook Live several times and then shut down...again. Finally, I decided to set my goal at 100 practice videos and I began by sitting down and shooting a video straight from working out at the gym. Talk about the hair and the makeup not being perfect. It was a great way to ensure that "perfection" had nothing to hold onto. I played with locations; I played with the technology; and I played talking to the camera. I played with practicing. I still have 83 more videos to go, but I just completed eight videos for my online course. YAY! That's huge for me.

What lesson of PLAY or PRACTICE can you take into 2017?

#3. Stop Over-Promising

I thought I had three ideas to share, but after coming up with the title and writing the first two, I couldn't remember what I was going to write for #3. I thought moving on to create the rest of the newsletter would give me time to remember that third idea. Nope! I still don't know what it was. But I promised you three thoughts, and I'm going to give you three -- stop over-promising. Develop your 'no' muscle or at least your 'not now' muscle.

Do you know what you want and will you 'no' what you don't want in 2017?

Happy New Year - Woman jumping from 2016 to 2017

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