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Get Organized Pittsburgh! hosted by NAPO Pittsburgh

Residential Organizing Panel

Kitchens, Basements, Garages, Time, Space, Paper & More

Shawndra Holmberg, Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization

Moderator: Shawndra Holmberg, CPO-CD®

Company: Dhucks

Motto: Organizing writers, creatives & dreamers

Specialty: Priorities (aka time management) & Paper

Favorite Books: 

Doreen Constantine

Panelist: Doreen Constantine

Company: Simply Helpful PA

Motto: Untangling loose string one space at a time

Specialty: Home organization that leads to home staging

Favorite Book: 

Doug Graham, Auctioneer # AU005976

Panelist: Doug Graham

Company: Auction Your Possessions Today

Motto: We catalog, research and market each item to maximize value for our clients

Specialty: Online estate sale service

Favorite Book: 

Kristin DiBacco, Certified Professional Organizer

Panelist: Kristin DiBacco, CPO®

Company: The Serene Space

Motto: Organize your space back to calm

Specialty: Working with children and teens on their personal space!!

Favorite Book: 

Lynn Staab

Panelist: Lynn Staab

CompanyMy Organized Spaces, LLC

Motto: Keeping life simple with organized spaces

Specialty: Space planning

Favorite Book: 

Rosemary Willis

Panelist: Rosemary Willis

Company: Helping Hand Organizing

Motto: Get peace of mind - leave clutter behind

Specialty: Home organizing from attic to basement, garage and shed & cleaning services

Favorite Book: 

Sandra Lane, Certified Professional Organizer

Panelist: Sandra Lane , CPO®

Company: Organization Lane

Motto: Getting you on the road to productivity!

Specialty: Paper filing and household management for moms

Favorite Book: 

Check out these books by Shawndra

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