Place the following 7 documents into a resealable plastic bag (2 bags are better than one) or a water proof poach and add it to your pet’s emergency kit

It's June and hurricane season has officially arrived, so it's an opportunity for those of us who might experience a hurricane (or earthquake, or lava , or tsunami, or tornado, or flooding, get the picture) to get prepared.

You already know if your dog, cat or other pet hates fireworks or thunderstorms. But even if they’re okay with the lights and bangs they may not take a disaster with the same equanimity. You’ll be stressed and they’ll take their cue from you. Be ready to help them stay calm and feeling secure during an emergency, disaster, or storm.

There are 5 stages to emergency preparedness: Planning, Prevention, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery. The following are actions to take in the first three.

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