Are you in the middle of change?  The change may involve changing jobs, relationships, homes, cities, health challenges, or just changing attitudes and goals.  Some changes are exciting, some are scary.   Changes can be both positive and stressful or just stressful.  I always see change as an opportunity to look at my life from a different angle (whether I'm ready to or not).  Sometimes we may feel that the change is happening to us and we have no control over it.  But we do have control over how we respond.  We can take charge of our transition to the new or we can dig in...

Transition is the process of getting from one chapter of your life to the next chapter, or even a different book all together.  Sometimes the change that requires you to transform your life is expected and welcomed.  At other times, it blindsides you and you're left grasping for understanding.

Difficulty letting go of items that were once their mother's, father's grandparents' or child's.  The attachment to the item or items is actually an attachment to a memory, but they fear that by letting go of the object they will somehow be throwing away the memories and love for the person they have lost; that now they are gone, the only way they can show respect for their loved one is by caring for the things they cared about.  This is not the case.

We need to be realistic about how much time and energy we have these days. So let's Get Real. Set realistic goals and expectations. How long does it really take?

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