Each of the following sections includes suggested items to have or purchase. You do not have to get all of them at once. Start with adding one item to build your Power Plan now and add more as you can. Remember, the idea is to become better prepared, not best prepared or nothing.

Most of us now rely on speed dial or pushing a button to connect us to others. What if you didn't have your phone or the battery died? Have a backup plan!

Place the following 7 documents into a resealable plastic bag (2 bags are better than one) or a water proof poach and add it to your pet’s emergency kit

If 'getting the paperwork filed' isn't happening for you, consider simplifying your system and build in the file maintenance. There is an easier way to keep your files in order.

June 5, 2018

Prevent identity theft, shred your old tax records that you no longer need*.  Shred any current charge receipts and statements that you don't need for tax purposes or reference.  Shred the credit applications, insurance forms, credit offers, or other deals you get in the mail that contain your name and personal information.  Shred physician statements, checks and bank statements.  Any paper that has personal financial information on it — shred it.

Be prepared for an emergency, organized for a move, or keep your bills and financial information orderly every day. The PIC will even be a resource if the primary bill payer needs someone else to take care of the finances.

Here’s the key points you need to know. Continue reading for details and more information: Standard landlines carry their own power when the power goes out, so purchase a trimline corded phone to plug in during a power outage and you’re likely to have a working phone even if you don’t have power. Keep your cell phones charged and get a portable power charger to recharge. Make it a habit to recharge your cell phones each night. Close all apps and turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability to conserve battery. Don’t turn off the phone as turning the phone off and on drains more energy. Your texts have a...

Sticky notes became the biggest productivity tool in the 1980's, then the PalmPilot in the late 90's. Replaced by BlackBerry® in 1999. Eventually the iPhone caused a flood of apps that could help you with your to-do list and note-taking. Now there's Evernote.

Not everything you keep can occupy the same space, so identifying storage and organizing zones for your paper is important. Think: HOT | WARM | COLD

April 1, 2017

Ideas, dreams and oh, so many, opportunities come into your life each day. But where do they belong? Where can you put them so that they won't get lost?

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