There is no 'making time' for what's important. You can't create more time than you have. But you can TAKE the time for those things that are most meaningful to you.

Paper, in all its forms (mail, flyers, notes, photos, books, newspaper, magazines, note cards, stationary) is one of the most commonly mentioned clutter issue. It's no wonder it clutters up our spaces and our lives. There is so much paper coming at you today and it requires a decision to move it forward.

Clearing out my mom's home filled with memories. Rather than bringing back things that will stay in a box or storage shed, my intention is to bring back only memories. Here's two ways to do it...

I'll focus on three categories of documents I routinely come across as a Professional Organizer. I'll share the resources I provide my clients to determine how long a document should be kept.

April 1, 2017

Step #4 of 31 Small Steps to Organize Your Paper. Stop the flow of unsolicited mail from companies seeking new customers and pre-screened credit offers. It’s called junk mail for a reason.

April 1, 2017

If you are finding it hard to open up the space and let go of some of your books, I suggest you take some time to revisit the book (not just the memories) and determine if you still need the book physically on your bookshelf.

February 7, 2017

Instead of waiting for 'someday' to organize your recipes perfectly, organize them as-is and use them today. Build a recipe notebook, use an expanding file, or go paperless.

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